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Personalized light therapy to support the prevention of delirium  

Philips VitalSky is an innovative personalized light therapy system developed especially for the needs of critically ill patients. It forms part of a multi-component approach to support prevention of delirium through non-pharmacological means.

Philips VitalSky supports the following goals

  • Encouraging the reorientation of patients
  • Promoting a natural sleep–wake rhythm
  • Providing a pleasant and calming environment for patients
  • Supporting the cognitive stimulation of patients
The VitalSky system consists of a central control unit and one or more luminous ceilings. The luminous ceiling is available in two main versions, which differ in terms of their size and functionality.
Changing colors

Encouraging the reorientation of patients

Improved sleep-wake rhythm

An improved sleep–wake rhythm for your intensive care patients

The VitalSky personalized light therapy system includes a program for circadian lighting, which mimics the natural light conditions during day and night in the patient room.

Healing environment

A healing environment

In addition to the white-light programs for circadian lighting and workplace lights, VitalSky Advanced can also play video sequences featuring slow, colorful, soft-focus animations. These sequences are inspired by a variety of natural scenes, and create a customized, soothing and pleasant atmosphere for the patient.

Luminous ceiling

A luminous ceiling to support cognitive stimulation

Patients can also use VitalSky for playing interactive games to get their minds off things.

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