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GoLife for Men and GoLife for Women are our first nasal pillow masks to be built around the unique features of men and women. The result is a gender-specific fit that provides tremendous stability.

Special mask frame design || Optimized designs for men and

Special mask frame design fits facial contours

GoLife for Men is designed specifically to fit the larger contours of the male facial structure, while GoLife for Women is developed with a distinctly smaller frame and headgear to more closely fit feminine facial dimensions.
Self-adjusting nasal pillows || Enhanced comfort

Self-adjusting nasal pillows eliminate manual adjustment

The optimally angled nasal pillows self-adjust to eliminate the need for manual adjustment, automatically providing a flexible seal.
Pre-formed headgear || Optimized designs for men and

Pre-formed headgear requires minimal adjustment

GoLife's headgear design provides great mask stability. GoLife for Women has a clever dip in the back of the headgear to accommodate pulled-back hair. It sits lower on the back of the head to provide slippage and to help provide a better fit.
Soft facial contour arms || Enhanced comfort

Soft facial contour arms provide tremendous stability

The mask frame arms gently hug the cheekbones, helping to maintain stability, comfort, and a secure seal, even during movement. In fact, GoLife for Men and GoLife for Women are so stable, the need for a chin support band is eliminated.
360-degree swivel || Enhanced comfort

360-degree swivel for extra comfort and flexibility

Long, multi-directional 45.7 cm (18") tube with 360-degree swivel maintains seal during patient movement.
Simplified design || Enhanced comfort

Simplified design for one-step fitting

For simplicity, GoLife masks have few parts. GoLife for Women includes petite, small, and medium cushion sizes. GoLife for Men has small, medium, and large cushions. Easy one-step fitting means less time fitting the mask, and may contribute to more effective titrations and fewer callbacks.
Diffused airflow || Enhanced comfort

Diffused airflow for quiet exhalation

Diffused airflow for quiet exhalation