Aeroneb® Portable nebulizer

Aeroneb® Go

Portable nebulizer

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The Aeroneb® Go nebulizer, distributed by Philips Respironics, is a lifestyle nebulizer enabling people to build their nebulizer treatments around their life, rather than build their life around their nebulizer treatments. The Aeroneb® Go is a fast, efficient, simple-to-use device developed specifically for the millions of patients worldwide who require respiratory aerosol therapy in and away from the home.

Lightweight, virtually silent || Convenient

Convenient-Lightweight, virtually silent

It is lightweight and portable and can fit discreetly into a school satchel, a purse or small luggage items. The Aeroneb® Go can be used by pediatric as well as adult patients and is ideal for conditions such as asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). It can be used with a mouth piece or an aerosol mask. The Aeroneb® Go aerosolizes clinician-prescribed solutions for inhalation that are approved for use with a general purpose nebulizer. The Aeroneb® Go technology is based on Aerogen's patented vibrating mesh technology. Lightweight (60g handset, fits comfortably into hand). Virtually silent, it eliminates the need for a noisy compressor.
Fast and efficient || Fast and efficient

Fast and efficient

Rapid treatment times (approx. 7.5 minutes for a 3mL dose). Delivers high quality respirable aerosol. Aerosolizes to the last drop, minimizes medication waste.
Cleaning options || Cleaning options

Cleaning options

The Aeroneb® Go can be cleaned in a number of ways. Boiling for up to 20 minutes. Cleaning with a solution of warm water and a mild detergent. Disinfecting in a vinegar solution. Sterilizing in a baby bottle steam sterilizer. USER TIP: Cleaning the Aeroneb® Go nebulizer properly as per the Instructions for Use manual is very important and supports proper functioning. It also prolongs the life of the nebulizer when compared to poor cleaning and maintenance practice.