Digital Mammography X-ray system

Digital MicroDose Mammography

Mammography X-ray system

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Philips MicroDose delivers outstanding image quality in a fast and comfortable mammogram. Now you truly differentiate your women's health services by offering quick, convenient, low-dose procedures.

Photon-counting technology

Photon-counting technology yields dose efficiency

Philips MicroDose Mammography's photon counting detector facilitates high dose efficiency and has caused a paradigm shift in mammography. It uses 18 to 50% less radiation than other digital mammography systems, with an average dose reduction of 40%*.
Warm and curved patient support

Warm and curved patient support to enhance comfort

MicroDose Mammography is designed to provide a less stressful mammography experience thanks to a warm, curved patient support, easy positioning, and fast imaging time.
MicroDose Mobile Solution

MicroDose Mobile Solution the logical choice for mobile environments

MicroDose’s humidity and temperature tolerant detector technology and system stability are well-suited for a mobile environment. The system can tolerate temperatures from -10 °C to + 50 °C while in transport, so mobile units can be used year-round without an expensive temperature management solution.
Multi-slit scanning technology

Multi-slit scanning technology for outstanding image quality

The photon counting detector has a high detective quantum efficiency (DQE), industry-leading 50 μm resolution, and virtually no noise. The image is acquired by a multi-slit scanning method, resulting in virtually eliminated scatter radiation and a 100% pixel warranty. SmartAEC adjusts dose to the thickness and density of the breast in real time so there is no need for scout images.
Automated positioning

Automated positioning saves time

Operator-friendly features like automated positioning help you save time, and make it easy for you to focus on your patients and put them at ease. This makes it possible to do up to 15 four-image examinations per hour. Offer your patients the speed and convenience of a low-dose procedure that takes less than five minutes.
MicroDose Marketing Kit

MicroDose Marketing Kit to spread the word

The considerable patient benefits that MicroDose provides give your practice a strong competitive edge. MicroDose customizable Marketing Kit includes materials to help you inform community members and referrals about the benefits of low-dose mammography and promote your patient-focused practice.
Diagnostic Scan

Diagnostic Scan helps discern fine details

An exclusive optional feature of MicroDose , Diagnostic Scan helps discern fine details in spot compression images. Diagnostic Scan uses higher dose on a spot compression area. Then, because of the system’s high resolution, electronic magnification can be used on the review station to make it easier to see fine details at a significantly lower dose than geometric magnification. In addition, Diagnostic scan does not require a magnification table on the patient support.
Needle Examination Package

Needle Examination Package - localize lesions before surgery

MicroDose offers as an optional feature a laser-based needle guidance system that provides localization of non-palpable lesions with a hookwire solution. The guidance system can easily be attached to the mammography system and the laser module is easy to handle. This allows the needle to be inserted at the correct location and angle. The Needle Examination Package includes two types of compression paddles to accommodate different breast types and operator preferences.
Philips Ambient Experience

Philips Ambient Experience - create an extraordinary environment

Philips Ambient Experience can transform your imaging suite into a patient-customized experience. This optional, multi-sensory concept combines light, animation, sound technologies, and spatial design to create a unique ambience that helps women relax.
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