IntelliVue Telemetry system and patient monitor

IntelliVue MP5T

Telemetry system and patient monitor

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Philips IntelliVue MP5T patient monitor expands telemetry capabilities, offering parameters and functionality for vital signs spot checks, bedside monitoring, and transport.

Wired and wireless operation

Wired and wireless networking provide for data continuity

This monitor and telemetry system offers wired and wireless networking to allow continuous connection, no matter where patients are located on the network.
Enhanced user interface

Enhanced user interface to convey key data quickly

We’ve designed the user interface to enhance visibility of patient data, make it easy to use, and to provide for easy compatibility with standard software.
Industry-standard measurements

Industry-standard measurements to enhance clinical decisions

This monitor and telemetry unit provides broad industry-standard measurements to support informed decisions. These include ECG via the IntelliVue Telemetry System transceiver, non-invasive blood pressure, predictive temperature*, SpO2*, and the ST/AR arrhythmia algorithm.
Data pairing

Data pairing simplifies data collection

When you connect the MP5T to a patient-worn device, measurements from both devices are automatically paired and sent to the IntelliVue Information Center. You can easily take vital signs for every patient in the unit without worrying about matching measurements to patient records after the fact.
Large 8.4" touchscreen

Large 8.4" touchscreen shows key data at a glance

This monitor has a large and bright 8.4"touchscreen with flexible parameter configurations to enhance patient care.
Clinical Decision Support tools

Clinical Decision Support tools to reveal detailed information

Optional Clinical Decision Support tools, such as ST Map* and Drug Calculator* reveal detailed information when it counts, enhancing diagnostic confidence.
Flexible telemetry connections

Flexible telemetry connections support diverse needs

Telemetry as a parameter (TAAP) and wireless telemetry as a parameter (WTAAP) display telemetry data through a direct or wireless connection to a telemetry transceiver. Wireless telemetry expands monitoring capabilities to provide untethered in-room access to ECG/SpO2 data in near-real time.
NBP measurement

NBP measurement display for comprehensive overview

Each NBP measurement generates a column in the vital signs trend table. Measurements for other values are added to provide a comprehensive vital signs data set for the NBP measurement time, offering a comprehensive picture.
Dynamic Wave area

Dynamic Wave area automatically adjusts size

The monitor displays a Dynamic Wave area featuring waves that automatically adjust in size depending on the number of waves configured for the view area.
  • * Optional