Snuggle Up Infant positioning aid

Snuggle Up

Infant positioning aid

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The SnuggleUp is a soft, cozy support that helps provide proper positioning and physiological stability for preterm and ill babies. Once settled in the SnuggleUp, the baby can be weighed, moved, examined or transported.

Disposable SnuggleUp
Disposable SnuggleUp for all situations

Disposable SnuggleUp for all situations

During admissions, procedures, and transport, or when laundry facilities are not available, disposable SnuggleUps are ideal. They are made of soft, polyester, non-woven, non-flammable material. Disposable SnuggleUps are available with or without hook and loop closures on the adjustable wraps to keep arms and legs properly positioned and/or out of the way during admission or procedures.
Comfortable design

Comfortable design gently maintains baby's position

The padded foot roll and the soft, adjustable straps allow movement while gently maintaining appropriate positioning and flexion.
Cloth style SnuggleUp

Cloth style SnuggleUp is reusable

The original, cloth-style SnuggleUps are made of soft, washable, cotton/polyester interlock knit that can be washed and reused.