IntelliVue Mobile app for patient monitoring data

IntelliVue Mobile Caregiver

Mobile app for patient monitoring data

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Delivering timely information to care teams, wherever they are, is a critical factor in providing responsive, high-quality care. Philips IntelliVue Mobile Caregiver offers mobile access to patient monitoring information from virtually anywhere.

Connect clinicians on the go

Connect clinicians on the go and enhance productivity

Clinicians are frequently on the move, and Mobile Caregiver helps their patients’ information travel with them. Mobile Caregiver supports mobile access for clinicians, allowing for the retrieval of monitoring data from remote locations inside or outside the hospital, informing decisions from virtually anywhere.
Philips or 3ʳᵈ party solution

Philips or 3ʳᵈ party solution for flexibility

Mobile Caregiver fits into your IT strategic plans, and is supported on popular mobile devices as part of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) strategies. Mobile Caregiver can use either a Philips or third party provided mobility server.
Near real-time and historical patient monitoring data

Historical patient monitoring data for a comprehensive picture

Clinicians can review centrally-monitored physiological waveforms and parameters, and retrospectively review alarm and wave data on their smartphone or tablet, wherever access is available.
Configurable patient views

Configurable patient views based on hospital protocol

The Patient List is configurable and follows the user. It can list all of the patients the clinician has access to based on hospital policy for user access. System screen saver time out is configured globally for all users to protect patient privacy.
Non-diagnostic mobile app

Non-diagnostic mobile app for reviewing patient data

IntelliVue Mobile Caregiver is a non-diagnostic mobile app intended for use by trained clinical professionals for review purposes only. The software application is capable of displaying physiologic and other patient information derived from compatible Philips patient monitors and Philips IntelliVue Information Center systems.
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