Pinnacle³ Scorecards simplify and standardize the plan approval process

Pinnacle³ 9.10

Scorecards simplify and standardize the plan approval process

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Evaluate your plan by comparing the results against clinical goals set in the Scorecards, and adjust the plan for desired outcomes. The intuitive traffic-light display provides at-a-glance information on plan quality, facilitating consistency of treatments throughout your department. The optional Pinnacle³ Auto-Planning application adds Accelerated IMRT & VMAT planning to Pinnacle 9.10.

EVALUATE with Scorecards || Reduced planning times

Simplify and standardize plan approvals

Scorecards provide at-a-glance information on plan quality to evaluate against clinical goals. They facilitate the reduction of physician time required for multiple plan reviews by establishing plan approval criteria within the planning team at the beginning of the process.
Compare results against clinical goal... || Increased treatment options

Compare results against clinical goals

Scorecards include dose and DVH-based goals for target and OAR, and volume comparison goals
Adjust plans for desired outcomes || Enhanced capabilities

Adjust plans for desired outcomes

Loaded automatically, Scorecards ensure continuity and simplicity between the plan generation and plan evaluation processes. Sample Scorecards, based on RTOG protocols, are provided in the scorecard library as a starting point to help the user develop their own based on departmental protocols.
Intuitive, at-a-glance information || Enhanced capabilities

Intuitive, at-a-glance information

Scorecards are included as part of Pinnacle³ 9.10 without requiring the Pinnacle³ Auto-Planning* license, so they can be used to evaluate plans of multiple delivery techniques including 3D conformal, IMRT and SmartArc and allow reporting in line with ICRU 83.
Hardware compatibility || Enhanced capabilities

Hardware compatibility

Pinnacle³ 9.10 operates on Intel-based platforms (sever and client) as shown in the table to the right. Pinnacle³ 9.10 is not compatible with SPARC-based servers or clients, and should not be installed on Pinnacle³ servers that support mixed networks of SPARC-based (i.e. SB2500 and earlier) and Intel-based (i.e. 810 and later) workstation clients.