Allura Xper LCD display

Allura Xper FlexVision XL

LCD display

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See the minute details of complex anatomy more easily with Philips FlexVision XL, a large, full-color LCD display for the interventional suite. This medical grade, high definition monitor lets you view multiple images in the size you want, in the place you want.

56-inch medical-grade monitor

56-inch medical-grade monitor enhances viewing

Select information from up to 16 imaging sources to and view up to 8 at once on the 56-inch, high-definition color LCD display screen. You can create different screen layouts to suit individual preferences or interventions.
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SuperZoom enlarges tiny details

Improve visibility of small details of anatomy, devices and data (ECG signals and hemodynamic data) with SuperZoom. This can enhance decision making during challenging interventions. It's like bringing images closer to you, while remaining in the most comfortable working position.
Advanced image-sharpening algorithms

Advanced image-sharpening algorithms maintain sharpness

See details in zoomed images with full clarity and sharpness.
Allura Xper integration

Allura Xper integration simplifies viewing

FlexVision XL is fully integrated into the Allura Xper system. Simply press the tableside control to switch views.
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