NM Astonish Reconstruction

Enhance SPECT resolution
NM Astonish Reconstruction is an advanced reconstruction option that uses a matched dual filtering technique to minimize noise and improve reconstructed image resolution and uniformity.
astonish reconstruction thumbnail
  • Enables half-time cardiac SPECT imaging using supported Philips systems for improved workflow efficiency while maintaining image quality.
  • By improving signal-to-noise ratio, it can provide equivalent image quality which may shorten SPECT scan times to achieve increased throughput, enhanced patient comfort, and reduced motion-induced artifacts.
  • NM Astonish Reconstruction is compatible with the following Philips cameras only: CardioMD (acquisition software v2.x), Forte, BrightView, BrightView X,BrightView XCT, SkyLight, and Precedence.
  • Can be applied to SPECT studies using Tc-99m, TI-201, In-111, Ga-67, I-123, or I-131 and used for most Molecular Imaging procedures.
  • A CT attenuation map can be used in conjunction with NM Astonish Reconstruction to provide attenuation correction.

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