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Empowering you to deliver high standard of care in your interventional oncology procedures

Visit us at ECIO 2021 – 10-13 April 2021

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    Ablation procedures in the interventional oncology suite of today and tomorrow
    April 13th 18:00-18:30 CET

    Faiza Admiraal-Behloul, PhD, Philips

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    Liver ablation procedures in the Angio lab: the pros and cons

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    Interventional Oncology Procedures in the angio lab of today and in the future

    Doctor carrafiello

    Prof. Gianpaolo Carrafiello, interventional radiologist

    Università degli Studi di Milano, Ospedale Maggiore Policlinico Milano, Italy

    Doctor strijen

    Dr Marco van Strijen, interventional Radiologist

    St. Antonius Hospital Nieuwegein, the Netherlands

    The next leap in simplifying and advancing 3D imaging

    The SmartCT clinical application, part of the Azurion image guided therapy platform, enriches our outstanding 3D interventional tools with clear guidance, designed to remove barriers to acquiring 3D images in the interventional lab.

    It simplifies 3D acquisition to empower clinical users to easily perform 3D imaging, regardless of their experience. Once acquired, 3D images are automatically displayed within seconds on the touch screen module in the corresponding rendering mode. On the same touch screen, the user can easily control and interact with advanced 3D visualization and measurement tools.

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    Image fusion and needle navigation

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    CT Liver and 3D Modeling in IntelliSpace Portal
    Access advanced visualization software from anywhere across the Enterprise to design the treatment strategy, using advanced tools such as automated organ and tumor segmentation and quantification, volumetric multimodal fusion and tumor characterization.

    Use pre-procedural CT and MR images to create a fused multimodal volumetric model of the liver*

    * Not intended for diagnostic use

    Ablation procedures with XperGuide Ablation*

    Xperguide thumbnail

    XperGuide Ablation provides comprehensive assistance for treatment planning and live needle guidance. It offers unique Parallax Correction to plan needle trajectories for off-center lesions [3]. It provides highly accurate live image guidance of each needle to a targeted position by overlaying pre-planned trajectories with fluoroscopic imaging [4]

    * XperGuide Ablation is an option of XperGuide

    TACE procedures with EmboGuide

    Emboguide thumbnail

    EmboGuide supports you in maximizing the efficacy of your TACE procedures as it potentially enhances your sensitivity, reduces false positives and maximizes inter-reader agreement [1]. It provides efficient, workflow-based live 3D guidance with automatic feeder detection [2].​


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    Multimodality Tumor Tracking in IntelliSpace Portal​

    Compare pre- and post-procedural images to assess early treatment response, and use selected imaging biomarkers from multiple modalities to follow-up the patient over time. qEASL is particularly useful to evaluate changes in tumor volume and enhancement. [5]​

    Use one-click lesion segmentation and propagation algorithm to assess the treatment response.

    1. Chiaradia et al, J J,Sensitivity and Reproducibility of AFD Software for HCC, VascIntervRadiol2018;29:425-431.
    2. Miyayama S, et al.Identification of small hepatocellular carcinoma and tumor-feeding branches with cone-beam CT guidance technology during transcatheterarterial chemoembolization. J VascIntervRadiol. 2013; 24(4):501-8.
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    5. Wu et al, Cost-effectiveness of imaging tumor response criteria in hepatocellular cancer after transarterial chemoembolization. J Am Coll Radiol 2021

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