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Let’s take the complexity out of the care continuum

HIMSS & Health 2.0
European Conference

June 11-13, 2019

Helsinki, Finland

Thank you for joining us at HIMSS & Health 2.0 European Conference!
The conference is over, but we want to continue the dialogue with you.

Let’s take the complexity out of the care continuum

Connected Care

As your trusted partner in connected care solutions, Philips was excited to show you how integrated, connected technologies can deliver a 360-degree patient view, enable more informed and confident clinical decision making, and ultimately inform patient care paths that meet them where they are.

In the hospital

Manage the vast amount of patient-generated health data at every point in their hospital stay, integrate and aggregate with your EHRs, and leverage predictive analytics to make better informed care decisions.

In the home

Care for patients in their most preferred setting by remotely staying connected, and empowering them at home with medical devices, applications and tools to help reduce readmissions.

Care management

Aggregate and analyze data to bridge the gap between acute and home-based care, and support patients with programs that deliver the right care at the right time, in the most appropriate and lowest cost setting.

Precision diagnosis

Access data from disparate sources in a holistic view and deliver it to those who need it, when they need it in context-specific, interoperable platforms—enhanced by AI applications—for more confident diagnoses.

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Transforming healthcare experiences

What is the impact of digital health technology on the way healthcare professionals and patients experience healthcare?

Go to the Future Health Index 2019 report to find out.

Solution spotlight

Philips Intellispace

Philips IntelliSpace Enterprise Edition

A future-proof managed service solution for informatics that enables data integration across the enterprise, empowering clinicians to make confident, informed decisions, and improve patient care and staff experience with more streamlined workflows.

Performancebridge image

Philips PerformanceBridge

An integrated, scalable portfolio of services, tools and support which empowers hospital departments to improve their performance and build a program for continuous improvement.

eICU image

A scalable, centralized tele-ICU solution combining A/V technology, predictive analytics, data visualization and advanced reporting capabilities that extends critical care resources to the bedside via technology, independent of the health facility’s location.

Philips Forecare

Philips interoperability solutions

Open- standards-based interoperability software solutions for fast and flawless data flow between medical systems and information sources at the departmental and enterprise levels, as well as Health Information Exchanges (HIEs) across health systems.

COPD image

Philips COPD Care Pathway

Analytics to identify at-risk populations, combined with care management programs with connected devices, applications and monitoring that can help manage COPD patients at home, reduce readmissions and reduce the total cost of care.

Precision medicine

Philips IntelliSpace Precision Medicine

A platform bringing together actionable clinical patient information from disparate data sources, intelligently organized on rich dashboards to facilitate collaborative diagnostic, treatment, and follow-up decisions by Multidisciplinary and Molecular Tumor Boards 

Trending topics in health informatics

What’s top of mind for you is top of mind for us. The potential healthcare technology holds is boundless, but there’s no shortage of obstacles. Check out our latest insights below.

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