Interventional cardiology procedure for coronary artery disease


Effective, efficient treatment in CAD

What if you could access comprehensive clinical insights and increase confidence in treatment selection—all while reducing procedure time?

More complex patients are eligible for minimally invasive procedures

As more CAD patients are considered for minimally invasive interventional therapy, optimal treatment planning is hindered by the fact that 2D coronary angiography has limitations for detecting and assessing coronary stenosis. Data is not consistently and meaningfully connected pre- and intra-procedure, which adds time and complexity to treatment planning. We’ve designed our cardiology solutions to overcome these challenges so you can realize the benefits of clinical efficiency in the cath lab. Philips conducted a new study that provides deeper insight into these challenges and how to address them by providing a powerful integrated network of solutions that enhance diagnostic reliability, decrease procedure times, improve staff experience, optimize performance, and ultimately ensure that clinicians are confident in their decision-making.

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are more confident in making clinical decisions

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experience more reproducibility and consistency

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feel more confident performing coronary assessment and PCI

How our solutions work together

Image-guided therapy, iFR, IVUS and hemodynamic monitoring, as well as cardiac pre-procedure planning and advanced applications, are all connected to the image-guided therapy interface to allow viewing, manipulation, and custom configuration on the monitor from a single controller at table side or from the control room.

CAD clinical efficiency treatment

* These products may not be for sale in your country. For availability, please consult your Sales Support desk for more information.

* These products may not be for sale in your country. For availability, please consult your Sales Support desk for more information.


    Azurion 7 M12  

    Experience outstanding interventional cardiac and vascular performance on the Azurion 7 Series with 12'' flat detector. This industry leading image-guided therapy solution supports you in delivering outstanding patient care and increasing your operational efficiency by uniting clinical excellence with workflow innovation. Seamlessly control all relevant applications from a single touch screen at table side, to help make fast, informed decisions in the sterile field.



    The IntraSight applications platform is where imaging, physiology, co-registration* and software all come together to clearly identify coronary and peripheral artery disease, and allow for more optimized treatment plans. IntraSight is built on a new foundational platform designed to meet the evolving needs of your lab today and tomorrow.


    Dynamic Coronary Roadmap  

    Dynamic Coronary Roadmap, a Philips-exclusive technology, creates a motion-compensated, real-time view of coronary arteries. Recent evidence demonstrates that DCR can reduce contrast agent by 28.8% during a PCI procedure. With DCR a highlighted coronary angiogram is superimposed on a live 2D fluoroscopic image, creating a colored roadmap that adjusts automatically, providing continuous visual feedback on positioning of wires and catheters.


    Eagle Eye Platinum  

    The Eagle Eye Platinum digital IVUS catheter is the #1 choice of physicians for intravascular imaging (in the US).* As a unique plug-and-play intravascular imaging catheter it is designed for ease of use and deliverability. Features include a soft tapered tip, GlyDx hydrophilic coating for increased lubricity, a long, rapid exchange lumen for improved pushability, three radiopaque markers, and compatibility with SyncVision for co-registration with angiography.


    Hemo with IntelliVue X3  

    Improving productivity and outcomes is vital for healthcare facilities to meet the growing demand for cath lab procedures. To further simplify cath lab workflow, Philips introduces the Interventional Hemodynamic system (Hemo system) which brings advanced hemodynamic measurements to the cath lab. Integration with the IntelliVue X3 patient monitor helps to enable confident clinical decision making and gap-free patient medical records, continuously monitoring the patient in the cath lab or extended throughout the hospital.


    Cardiovascular Workspace  

    Cardiovascular Workspace is a scalable and interoperable solution that combines deep clinical expertise with technological innovation to help streamline workflow and improve operational performance throughout the complete cardiovascular care continuum.

With timely access to comprehensive clinical insights, you can deliver exceptional treatment plans and move each patient through treatment as efficiently as possible.

Discover how we help you realize your vision for better care in coronary artery disease.

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