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Achieving healthcare quality improvement through integrated care

Connecting care with information that matters

Healthcare Integration enables a new level of connectivity and data availability that enhances healthy living, promotes prevention and better supports population health management and accountable care. As we walk the path of healthcare transformation with our clients, we experience the complexity of integration firsthand. Multiple stakeholders with different interests, changing clinical pathways, shifting payment and governance structures, and unprecedented levels of patient self-management require a different approach.

In our services we provide:

  • Over 30 years of experience in the domain of digital and integrated Healthcare
  • Deep insights gathered in our over 100 years of history into user experiences of both consumers and clinicians
  • A world class innovation center with 30 years of experience in custom healthcare application development
  • Proven tools and processes to design, develop, implement and maintain modern healthcare platforms and ecosystems

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How we enable integrated healthcare

We support care networks and others by providing expertise, creativity, and experience together to co-create new solutions for the toughest challenges. We put the stakeholders of care transformation initiatives at the center of our efforts. We support our client throughout the different phases of a healthcare integration journey.

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Now that we can push the vital signs data directly from the monitor to the EMR system, we eliminate doublecharting. It has given us more time for direct patient care."

Philips customer Inez Caswell, RN

at Hardin Memorial Hospital

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HealthSuite Labs

HealthSuite Labs is an immersive environment where we partner with clients to co-create and co-innovate solutions that address the complex challenges in healthcare today.

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Integration services

We design and deliver custom integration solutions across the provider-payer-research space using all major integration technologies, connecting devices and systems across clinical and home-settings.

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Application Development 

We design and build custom applications that go beyond the hospital and clinic walls to capture data without delay or filtering.

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Clinical cloud platforms

We build online interactive communities that allow patients and providers to improve their health, drive better clinical outcomes, reduce costs, and make advancements in clinical research.

Customer Stories in Healthcare management

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Hardin Memorial Hospital

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Today innovation labs are global, digital and involve the expertise and creativity of many.

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