SmartPath to Ingenia Elition 3.0T X Step into the future with confidence

SmartPath to Ingenia Elition 3.0T X

Step into the future with confidence

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With SmartPath you can convert your existing Ingenia system to an Ingenia Elition X MR system, setting new direction for clinical research in 3.0T imaging based on gradient- and RF designs. It enables you to boost your performance with innovative SmartWorkflow solutions that include touchless patient sensing technology, in-room guidance on patient set-up. Compressed SENSE allows you to scan up to 50% faster with virtually equal image quality.¹ Your SmartPath conversion also gives access to the latest scanning techniques for confident diagnosis.


Xtend magnet system
Xtend magnet system
Magnet weight
  • 4800 kg
Bore design
  • 70 cm
Maximum FOV
  • 55 cm
Typical homogeneity at 45 cm DSV
  • ≤ 0.9 ppm
HeliumSave technology
  • Yes (Zero boil-off)
Cryogen boil-off rate under regular scanning conditions
  • 0.0 l/hr
Vega HP gradients
Vega HP gradients
Max. amplitude for each axis
  • 45 mT/m
Max. slew rate for each axis
  • 220 T/m/s
RF Receive
RF Receive
Number of independent receive channels
  • Channel independent
Location of analog-to-digital converter (ADC)
  • Inside the coil close to receive elements
Signal chain from coil to reconstructor
  • Fully digital
  • Yes
Guided exam set-up
  • Yes
Auto patient centering
  • Yes
Touchless respiratory-triggering
  • Yes
In-room exam start
  • Yes
ScanWise Implant
  • Yes
Automated planning and scanning
  • Yes
Automated patient coaching
  • Yes
Automated post-processing
  • Yes
  • 1. Compared to Philips scans without Compressed SENSE.
  • 2. Compared to Ingenia 3.0T Omega HP R5.3.
  • 3. Compared to using a standard mattress.
  • 4. Check for compatibility with your Philips representative.
  • 5. According to the definition of AI from the EU High-Level Expert Group.