EPIQ Premium interventional cardiology ultrasound system


Premium interventional cardiology ultrasound system

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EPIQ CVxi is a new direction for interventional echo guidance, featuring a premium level of clinical performance across a wide range of patients and interventional procedures to meet the challenges of today’s demanding practices. It enables the visualization and the control of the new EchoNavigator R3, directly on the system, providing a new streamlined workflow experience of live fusion imaging.

  • EPIQ CVx/CVxi is available in selected countries. Please consult your Philips representative for further details.
  • *Based on responses from 38 respondents.
  • **Results obtained during user demonstrations performed in December 2017 with the EPIQ CVx and the iE33 systems. The research was designed and supervised by Use-Lab GmbH, an independent and objective engineering consultancy and user interface design company. The tests involved 42 clinicians from 17 countries. The various types of cardiac customer segments represented were adult diagnostics and interventional, adult diagnostics, and pediatric diagnostics and interventional.