IntelliSpace Cardiovascular Multi-modality image and information management solution

IntelliSpace Cardiovascular

Multi-modality image and information management solution

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IntelliSpace Cardiovascular is designed to help streamline workflow and improve operational performance throughout the cardiovascular care continuum.

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IntelliSpace Cardiovascular

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IntelliSpace Cardiovascular and Xcelera provide access to cardiovascular clinical information. We are continuously improving our next-generation cardiovascular image and information management solution, IntelliSpace Cardiovascular, with 2 releases every year in the past 3 years. Find out below what we can deliver on when you upgrade to IntelliSpace Cardiovascular and keep an eye on this page to stay up to date on our continuous development.

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Focus on patient care

  • Diagnostic guidance
  • Advanced analysis
  • Data mining capabilities

Intuitive & easy to work with

  • Cardiology timeline
  • Customizable workspace
  • Multi-modality view


  • Launch into third-party applications
  • EMR and multi-modality integration
  • Data transfer across healthcare players

Partnering in data-driven innovation with Miami Cardiac & Vascular Institute

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Daily, weekly and monthly reports generated by Philips IntelliSpace Cardiovascular and Xper Information Management with Xper Flex Cardio have a direct effect on improving quality and performance.

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  • ¹The webserver can have a repository defined, but this is not mandatory. On the repository on the webserver the converted studies are stored (PNG/JPG files) which are streamed to the clients. If no web repository is defined the conversion will have to happen on-the-fly and this will increase the load on the webserver.
  • ²For test purposes only the IntelliSpace Cardiovascular and Webserver can be combined. Advanced Analytics requires a separate server.
  • *It is the user’s responsibility to ensure that Philips network requirements (such as performance, VPN) for IntelliSpace Cardiovascular are met.