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Enhancing patient care and collaboration starts with  end-to-end fluid interoperability

Philips Interoperability is the one partner that enables ingestion, storage, federation and sharing of all healthcare data via one backbone, with an open-standards based solution. Philips Interoperability provides high-level expertise to deploy and finetune the solution regardless of the network complexity and is now even cloud enabled!

“What can Philips Interoperability deliver?” 

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Interoperability is the foundation of the Philips health continuum vision. At Philips Interoperability, we bring together patient clinical information as people travel through the stages of the health continuum to improve care.

Enabling Image Exchange for PACS – Sharing data simply and securely


Interoperability ensures consistent, standards-based management of data flowing in and out of your PACS/enterprise. Web-based Image Exchange provides controls to extends imaging in PACS to users outside of your enterprise, while providing consistent workflows to better manage the ingestion of foreign studies. Philips Interoperability Web-based Image Exchange is based on IHE standards to future proof exchange of imaging.


Shorter, more efficient patient referral and transfer cycles


Advanced security, privacy, and consent management


Unified view of data


"No barrier" exchange

Enable seamless data exchange across care settings

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This 4 minutes animation explains how the Philips Interoperability allows systems and health information networks to exchange clinical information across departments, enterprises, and regions. Learn how the solution welcomes systems and vendors at every level, leveraging a patient-centered network of care.

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In less than two minutes, find out what Philips Interoperability stands for: connecting care to change lives.

Connect relevant data from different sources to create a collaborative, patient centered ecosystem.

Philips Interoperability enables seamless clinical information exchange amongst healthcare providers. Securely and without effort.

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How our interoperability platform works

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See our typical clinical workflow scenarios

Interoperability platform

Build the foundation for care collaboration and growth

Our approach to interoperability allows systems, departments and stakeholders to communicate with each other and exchange clinical information. Based on IHE (Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise) global standards, it offers a future-focused and positive answer to today’s interoperability challenges. Open, established standards, such as XDS, XDW, HL7, FHIR and DICOM, make our solution multi-vendor positive. We welcome and support vendors at every level, giving you more freedom and choice to empower the flow of information inside and outside your enterprise. Moreover, high-level security protects your sensitive data and provides peace of mind.

What makes our solutions unique?


Customizable by design

  • Access a wide range of workflow support solutions to meet your specific workflow needs and domain challenges
  • Choose on-premise, cloud or SaaS (software as a service) models to suit your requirements            



Scalable by design

  • Build a foundation that’s future-ready to evolve with your organization 
  • Share information within and beyond your organization and adapt to changing needs
  • Integrate systems and support your network as it develops             



Secure by design

  • Improve data security with configurable role- based access control
  • Consider and document patient consent when deciding who can access medical records
  • Allow secure access to clinical documents
  • Support secure processes with a separate audit log for transactions involving medical data            


Clinical care workflows enabled by Philips Interoperability

Oncology Care
cardiology care

Bring information and people together with interoperability as a service

As your enterprise shifts to value-based care, how can you ensure that care providers have the information when and where they need it – without exposing your enterprise to financial risk? Instead of wondering how your hardware will manage data in multiple formats from multiple sources, create an environment of clinical information exchange that’s always on, always working. Since these services are hosted, you get all the benefits of an open-standards based information model – without the burden of investing in and maintaining your own hardware. There’s no vendor lock-in, so you’re always free to decide whom to partner with as your enterprise evolves. Our solution allows collaborating care providers to exchange all kinds of healthcare information seamlessly and with the security that sensitive patient data demands.

We’re not just vendor neutral, we’re multi-vendor positive

You’ve invested time and money in your infrastructure – and for good reason. We welcome and support vendors of every variety, including our competition, to empower the flow of information across care settings. We do this by implementing open standards in every aspect of our platform. This has enabled us to build strong relationships with major healthcare IT and clinical players, based on mutual trust and goals. Our knowledge of the applications and technologies used by major vendors helps us in turn build efficiencies of scale to benefit customers. That means you’re always free to continue to work with your current technology partners and add new partners as your enterprise evolves. By embracing all vendors, we help you do more with what you have, working collaboratively to achieve what matters to you.

Intuitive user interface

Provides the optimum tool for accessing clinical information in a Health Information Exchange. Healthcare professionals can query and view clinical documents, even when the patient has been referred from another hospital where their documents are stored locally.

Power Interoperability, design to improve healthcare

Based on IHE global standards
Our interoperability solutions offer a future-focused and positive answer to today’s interoperability challenges.

Multi-vendor positive
The software is fully based on open standards to work with your current technology partners and accept new partners in the future.


Designed to integrate systems and support your network within and beyond your organization and adapt to changing needs.

Reliable performance based on two decades of experience in the domain of digital and integrated healthcare.

Supports secure processes with configurable role-based access control, and a separate audit log for transactions involving medical data.

Future-proof platform
To support your operational continuity, our solutions are designed to have minimal impact on existing IT systems and are future-ready to evolve with your organization.

Clinical workflow scenarios

Improving collaboration to improve care

Healthcare is becoming more specialized. That means your specialists have to collaborate more frequently with specialists, inside and outside your institution. Collaboration at this level demands ease, reliability and security in the electronic exchange of clinical information. Whether you want to improve referrals for a specific care pathway, facilitate multidisciplinary consultation groups across hospital settings or create a regional data exchange system – we can help you achieve your goals with tailormade solutions designed to fit your needs.

Radiation Therapy Referral
Radiation Therapy Referral

Radiation Therapy Referral

Effective management of radiation therapy requires a complex interplay between people, processes and resources. There are multiple tasks involved, including sharing images, lab results and pathology reports, scheduling procedures and creating treatment plans. We offer a solution that streamlines all these processes in one custom implementation, supporting a more collaborative approach to referrals and treatment planning. Referring physicians simply upload all relevant information using a web-based wizard. This means radiotherapists no longer have to wait for DVDs to arrive by mail. The design and functionality can be customized to fit your clinical and organizational needs, making it a highly flexible solution.

Multidisciplinary Consultation
Multidisciplinary Consultation

Multidisciplinary Consultation

Increasing specialization requires new manners of cooperation regarding multidisciplinary consultation and second opinion. Philips Interoperability offers the best possible support in collecting data and facilitating the process and provides high level of security, reliability, and patient-privacy protection.

Referral Management
Referral Management

Referral Management

Patient's files tend to get physically fragmented. Different files are spread among different healthcare professionals and often in different places. By providing real-time access to relevant clinical information, Philips Interoperability helps you collaborate and exchange referral information with referring healthcare professionals, handling information from a range of clinical specialties without replacing or disrupting your existing IT solutions.

Enterprise Imaging
Enterprise Imaging

Enterprise Imaging

This solution is an information model that puts the patient in the center and associates clinical information to that patient. Clinical information is tagged by well-defined metadata describing clinical content. This allows you to electronically exchange medical documents and images within your healthcare enterprise – no matter which method you want to use and which clinical departments need to work together.

Cross Enterprise Image Sharing
Cross Enterprise Image Sharing

Cross Enterprise Image Sharing

Connected care means multiple departments must work together – within individual hospitals and across a network. At the same time, increased collaboration coupled with early detection and follow-up procedures generate high amounts of data essential to patient care, such as images, referral letters and reports. Philips Interoperability uses a very effective method of sharing medical images across networked enterprises.

Patient Image Sharing
Patient Image Sharing

Patient Image Sharing

A first step toward an ultimate goal of having patient-driven care, Philips Interoperability can allow patients to send stored measurements and even imaging data directly to their healthcare provider, where our interoperability suite can be employed to integrate sent information directly into their patient record on EMR, PACS, or other systems using IHE.

Customer success stories, white papers and articles

What is interoperability and how can it improve your care? Here’s your chance to learn more about interoperability in healthcare. Explore our insightful white papers, customer success stories and articles on a range of topics from the people working at the frontlines of the healthcare revolution.

Interoperability and Philips

As a global leader in health technology, Philips continuously strives to unlock the hidden value of medical data. The sharing of patient data between medical devices and information systems has tremendous potential to drive seamless care and better health outcomes – by supporting more accurate and timely clinical decisions, improving clinical workflows and reducing operational complexity – while at the same time lowering costs.

What does the Philips Interoperability bring?

  • Philips Interoperability is the one partner that enables ingestion, storage, federation and sharing of all healthcare data via one backbone, with an open-standards based solution
  • Philips Interoperability provides high level expertise to deploy and finetune the solution regardless of the network complexity
  • Philips Interoperability provides professional services with experience to meet diverse use cases and clinical workflow needs

  • The solution offers support for ingesting, storing and retrieval of Clinical Document Data
  • The solution offers support for ingesting, storing and retrieval of Discrete Data
  • The solution provides flexible Open Standard based FHIR
    APIs for FHIR App developers & consumers
  • The solution makes stored clinical documents and discrete data available in each healthcare provider network
  • The Solution enables support for transformation of Clinical Document Data into Discrete Data that is made available to (mobile) consumers 

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