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Recycling passports

Interventional X-Ray

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Please find here with the recycling passports for Interventional X-Ray products



iXR Systems  
Allura XPER FD10 P/N 4522-901-04430
Allura XPER FD20 P/N 4522-901-04440
Allura XPER FD10/10 P/N 4522-901-04450
Allura XPER FD10/20 P/N 4522-901-04460
MD Eleva (MultiDiagnost II-TV version) 708-036
MD Eleva (MultiDiagnost Flat Detector version) 708-037
MD Eleva (MultiDiagnost Eleva) 708-032
UD Eleva (UroDiagnost Eleva) 708-033
MD Eleva FDXD (MultiDiagnost Eleva FlatDetector) 708-034
Allura Xper FD20/15 722-058
Allura Xper/Clarity FD20 722-028
Allura Centron 722-400
iXR Building Blocks  
Lateral stand P/N 4522 901 00140
Frontal stand FD10 P/N 4522 901 00460
Frontal stand FD20 P/N 4522 901 00470
Patient Table P/N 4522 901 00510
MCS P/N 4522 901 00530
User Interfaces P/N 4522 901 00540

LCD Displays

LCD Displays 2

P/N 9919 320 5112x

P/N 9919 320 5117x

Detector Detector Px4800
M-Cabinet P/N 8222 168 1590
Grid Grids
Collimator Nicol
X-Ray Tube See X-Ray Tubes
X-Ray Generator Cabinet See X-Ray Generators

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