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  • 87.5% reduced ED arrival-to-triage

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    87.5% reduced ED arrival-to-triage


Providing business intelligence dashboards for data-based decisions

Philips TransformAnalytics Performance Dashboards provide at-a-glance visibility into past and current performance and can identify areas of concern to help guide performance improvement initiatives.

Our team creates online performance dashboards and can augment existing applications to provide ongoing visualized data awareness. This enhanced data awareness helps drive business results and sustain new performance improvement initiatives into the future.

Performance dashboard - radiology patient experience
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A data-based approach

Our consultants take a holistic approach to data research and analysis. Data is pulled from all potential resources – client system data, Philips install base, public, and purchased data. We leverage various tools and methodologies to analyze the current situation, identify future-state requirements, and build applications to help support, monitor, and sustain performance improvement programs.


Benefits of our approach:


  • Designed by data visualization experts to meet specific performance priorities and data availability
  • Drill-down visualizations for both at-a-glance trending and deep-dive root cause analysis
  • Deployable at enterprise or department levels
  • Supports teams in managing their data, results, and performance metrics


Our data scientists provide the right data, tools, and insights to support performance improvement.

Performance dashboard - cath lab
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