Intellivue MP90 Additional Mounting Mounting solution

Intellivue MP90 Additional Mounting GCX FMS/MMS Accessories

Mounting solution

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Learn more about the accessory options available for the Philips Flexible Module Server (FMS) and Multi Measurement Server (MMS).

Philips FMS/MMS Module Lock
Philips FMS/MMS Module Lock

Philips FMS/MMS Module Lock

GCX P/N: HP-0053-84 Kit Includes; bracket for retaining modules securely inside the FMS. Modules may be disengaged but not removed. Two slots on the right side are not secured; sliding bracket allows use with or without MMS; tamper-proof screws and tool for security.
Philips FMS Utility Hook Assembly

Philips FMS Utility Hook Assembly

GCX P/N: HP-0053-08 Kit Includes; Four small utility hooks and one large hook, for hanging patient leads; mounts to rear of FMS; compatible with FMS/MMS Module Lock (GCX part no. HP-0053-84); also compatible with CMS Satelite Rack.

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