MRCAT Brain MR-RT clinical application


MR-RT clinical application

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MRCAT Brain clinical application allows the use of MRI as the primary imaging modality for radiotherapy planning of primary and metastatic tumors in the brain without the need for CT. Detailed anatomical information for contouring and attenuation maps for dose calculations are both obtained from a single, submillimeter resolution 3D T1W mDIXON MR sequence. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is used for fast computation of continuous Hounsfield units directly on the MR console.

  • *Accurate means: MRCAT image acquisition provides ± 1 mm geometric accuracy of image data in 20 cm Diameter Spherical Volume (DSV) and ± 2 mm geometric accuracy of image data in 40 cm Diameter Spherical Volume (DSV)*. *Limited to 32 cm in z-direction in more than 95% of the points within the volume
  • **The mean dose in the PTV does not differ more than 1% in MRCAT based plans as compared to CT based plans for 95% of the patient cases
  • ***Accurate means: MRCAT-based DRRs are within 1 mm accuracy compared to CT-based DRRs for 95% of cases
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