Event Surveillance Patient monitoring - decision support

Event Surveillance

Patient monitoring - decision support

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Event Surveillance contributes to overall efficiency and supports decision making by identifying and documenting clinically significant patient episodes for review. It correlates up to four parameters from IntelliVue patient monitors.

Flexible event definition

Flexible event definition to fit your clinical requirements

“Events” – electronic records of specific episodes for a patient – can be created manually or automatically during predefined clinical situations. Users determine the parameters that constitute an event and which measurements to record. The event database stores physiologic data along with the patient name, bed, and time. For example, clinicians can manually trigger an event before and after a wedge procedure. Automatic event capture might be triggered by a specific alarm, such as apnea, or when a specified patient vital sign, such as heart rate, violates pre-set limits.
Event Review

Event Review simplifies event surveillance

The Event Review smart key on the monitoring screen allows caregivers to change event triggers, review stored events, and create an event manually using current data.
Neonatal Event Review

Neonatal Event Review optimized for the NICU

Neonatal Event Review detects and documents apnea, desaturation, and bradycardia, providing specialized information for the diagnosis and management of neonatal intensive care patients.
Event database

Event database - a tool for retrospective analysis

The event summary view can show all events stored in the database or filter by event group. Events can be printed and added to the patient record as required.