ProtocolWatch Surviving sepsis campaign


Surviving sepsis campaign

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ProtocolWatch on IntelliVue bedside patient monitors simplifies implementation of evidence-based sepsis care protocols.

Surviving Sepsis Campaign

Surviving Sepsis Campaign - evidence-based care guidelines

The Surviving Sepsis Campaign (SSC) was created by the European Society of Intensive Care Medicine, the International Sepsis Forum, and the Society of Critical Care Medicine. Its mission is to reduce mortality from sepsis by: building awareness of sepsis, improving diagnosis, increasing the use of appropriate treatment, educating healthcare professionals, improving post-ICU care, developing guidelines of care, and facilitating data collection for the purposes of audit and feedback.
Automatic symptom checks

Automatic symptom checks provide critical clarity

Symptoms of sepsis can vary widely and appear similar to many other conditions, making late diagnosis a common occurrence. ProtocolWatch simplifies sepsis care, continually checking monitoring data against care protocol criteria to help provide clarity when it matters. Whenever criteria for sepsis are met, ProtocolWatch prompts clinicians for the tests, observations, or interventions indicated by the protocol. ProtocolWatch also produces a log that can be printed for documentation and quality improvement.
Severe sepsis features

Severe sepsis features provide constant surveillance

During the Sepsis Resuscitation Bundle, ProtocolWatch provides a reminder list of treatments and goals recommended by the SSC guidelines, a timer that starts when the bundle begins, and horizon trend displays of key measurements. When clinicians have confirmed all recommendations of the SSC guidelines, the Sepsis Management bundle presents a checklist of the stabilization recommendations in the guidelines. During Sepsis Resuscitation, horizon trends track key hemodynamic parameters at a glance. A timer starts when the resuscitation phase begins and continues through the rest of the protocol.