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Collaborating to address heart disease in Finland


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Tays Heart Hospital, Finland

Customer’s need

Tays Heart Hospital aims to equip its hospitals with the most up-to-date equipment, systems, processes and working environments to be able to improve and maintain the quality, efficiency and productivity of the whole cardiac care pathway.

Our solution
A multi-year partnership with Philips to improve cardiac care, including state-of-the art equipment and solutions, and advisory services aimed at optimizing care flows – quality, cost and satisfaction – and population health.

Better informed, efficient and sustainable cardiac care for residents of the Tampere region and surrounding areas in Finland.

Tays Heart Hospital, owned by Tampere University Hospital, is a full-service hospital specializing in cardiac care. In 2016, it started a multi-year strategic partnership with Philips to install and manage integrated imaging and informatics solutions to make cardiac care best-informed, efficient and sustainable.

Even though mortality from ischemic heart disease has decreased clearly in Finland since the 1970s, when the Nordic country had the world’s highest death rate, heart disease still causes one in five deaths [1].


Tays Heart Hospital strategically focuses on flexible access to high-quality care and an optimal experience for patients, employee wellbeing and innovative partnerships to be able to offer the best treatment for patients, and to attract the best clinical professionals. An essential element of that strategy is equipping the hospital with the most up-to-date and performant equipment, systems, processes and working environments. In particular, the hospital aims to offer its patients a fully integrated, seamless and personalized care pathway that requires the type of informatics-based connected care solutions offered by Philips.

"By concentrating on a single equipment and service supplier, this strategic partnership allows us to get the best possible benefits from the related medical technologies and meet our operational and strategic objectives."



Kari Niemelä

Chief Executive Officer and Medical Director at Tays Heart Hospital

Tays Heart Hospital, Finland

Tays Heart Hospital – owned by Tampere University Hospital – is a full-service hospital specialized in diagnosis and treatment of cardiac diseases. With units operating in Tampere, Valkeakoski, Hämeenlinna, Riihimäki and Helsinki, it provides specialized care for public and private sector heart patients in the Pirkanmaa district who require cardiac care or cardiothoracic surgery. It also provides services for other municipalities, adjacent hospital districts and healthcare operators.


The hospital employs approximately 450 experts, including approximately 75 physicians, and has around 60,000 patient events annually. Multidisciplinary competence ensures that patients have a safe, reliable and uninterrupted treatment experience.

Meeting a growing demand for cardiac care  


In order to meet the growing demand for cardiac care in the region and beyond, Tays Heart Hospital is renewing its operations, renovating sections of its existing facilities, and building new facilities, such as the recently opened around 12,500 m2 Heart Hospital in Tampere.


In 2016, the hospital decided to embark on a multi-year agreement with Philips to jointly innovate in cardiac care and further reinforce Tays Heart Hospital as a Northern European center of excellence for cardiac care. This was the first strategic partnership awarded to Philips in Finland and the third in the Nordic region.


“By concentrating on a single equipment and service supplier, this strategic partnership allows us to get the best possible benefits from the related medical technologies and meet our operational and strategic objectives,” says Kari Niemelä, Chief Executive Officer and Medical Director at Tays Heart Hospital.

Providing superior care to patients  


As part of the managed services agreement in the strategic partnership, Philips installs, integrates, manages and updates cardiac angiography imaging, cardiac ultrasound imaging, clinical informatics, and patient monitoring solutions, and also provides maintenance, training and consulting services under a unified payment structure. This makes it easy for the hospital to adopt new technologies, procedures and processes as they become available.


“Together with Philips, we are on an exciting journey,” says Aki Haukilahti, Executive Vice President and CFO at Tays Heart Hospital. “As part of our long-term strategic partnership, we were one of the first sites in the world to collaborate on a turnkey solution based on the new Azurion product family. With this and other solutions, Philips provides us with advanced technologies and an excellent user experience, combined with services for guaranteed uptime, seamless integration into our hospital workflows, staff training and education, and enhancement of our productivity. This enables our staff to fully focus on what they do best – providing superior care to our patients.”

Delivering the right care at the right place and time  


The agreement with Tays Heart Hospital places a strong emphasis on innovation and long-term collaboration to achieve coordinated, continuous and seamless care delivery. In addition to already using state-of-the-art cardiac imaging solutions and services – such as the Philips Azurion image-guided therapy platform, and IntelliSpace Cardiovascular multi-modality image and information management solution – the hospital will also have access to other advanced informatics and analytics solutions.


By delivering the right information at the right place, at the right time throughout the whole care pathway, these solutions will support the hospital’s staff in making cardiac care better informed, efficient and sustainable.

Tays Heart Hospital infographic



[1] https://www.stat.fi/til/ksyyt/2014/ksyyt_2014_2015-12-30_kat_002_en.html


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