Increased diagnostic confidence with AI MR software at Kumamoto Chuo Hospital

By Philips, Featuring Dr. Kazuhiro Katahira | Oct, 2023 | 3:42 min


Magnetic resonance


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At a glance

  • Learn how image quality was improved due to AI denoising and ability to sharpen image quality
  • Hear how the hospital is now able to aquire ultra-fast dynamic examinations of the mammary glands
  • See how motion free techniques help in the diagnosis because it can suppress rectal movement artifacts 


Considerably improving image quality and speed

At Kumamoto Chuo Hospital in Japan the AI based SmartSpeed MR software is used to increase image quality and shorten exam times. The hospital has set a new standard by integrating SmartSpeed into every exam they perform.

“The clinical advantages of SmartSpeed are very difficult to sum up in a few words, but to be more specific, it can be used in the diagnosis of breast cancer to show the development of the breast duct in great detail.”

Dr. Kazuhiro Katahira

Diagnostic radiologist,

Kumamoto Chuo Hospital

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