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Calcified Lesions

An increasing number of patients with calcified coronary artery lesions are being referred for PCI. A recent pooled analysis reported moderate to severe target lesion calcification in 32% of patients.1

Saphenous vein graft and thrombus lesions masthead

Clinical challenges

  • Angiographic measures of procedural success, such as acute gain and diameter stenosis, are often worse in calcified lesions.
  • Stent under-expansion, asymmetric expansion, and mal-apposition are frequently observed in heavily calcified lesions.
  • Noncompliant calcified plaques often require high-pressure balloon dilation, increasing the risk for adverse events such as coronary dissection and thrombosis.

Advanced tools for optimal PCI outcomes

IVUS software image

  • Detects coronary artery calcification. 
  • Helps quantify calcium burden, which may impact treatment strategy.

Angio Sculpt Evo RX PTCA scoring balloon catheter

  • Provides the power necessary to maximize lume diameter.
  • Delivers 15-25x’s the focal force of a traditional balloon.

ELCA product

  • The only coronary atherectomy device with a moderate calcium indication. 
  • Demonstrates procedural effectiveness in crossing and modifying calcified lesions previously resistant to traditional balloon techniques.
  • Adjustable high frequency settings to modify plaque and can be facilitated over any wire.

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