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Chronic total occlusions

Incidence increases with age, yet older patients are less likely to have PCI attempted.1 Furthermore, 18% of PCIs have a CTO, but less than 5% are being treated.2

Chronic total occlusions

Clinical challenges

  • CTOs are difficult to wire and re-canalize, resulting in lengthy procedures and potentially higher radiation exposure and contrast use.
  • CTOs are often associated with lower procedural success rates, increased restenosis and re-occlusion compared with non-CTO procedures.
  • Hard proximal caps often prevent therapy from being delivered.

IVUS-guided vs. angiography-guided outcomes3

CTO Angio vs IVUS graphic

ELCA Success and safety rates


Lesion type



Procedural success

MACE Rates*


Calcified and complex coronary lesions




Calcified, uncrossable, resistant coronary lesions





Crossable coronary lesions




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Advanced tools for optimal PCI outcomes

IVUS software image

  • Optimizes vessel sizing for treatment strategy and to confirm final result. 
  • Provides enhanced and stabilized angiographic views. 
  • Study data reports when IVUS was used to help guide treatment there was a significantly lower TVF rate at 3 years vs angiography alone.4

Angio Sculpt Evo RX PTCA scoring balloon catheter

  • Provides the power necessary to maximize lume diameter.
  • Delivers 15-25x’s the focal force of a traditional balloon.5

ELCA product

  • The only coronary atherectomy device with a CTO indication.*
  • Enables crossing 94% of lesions which previously failed balloon angioplasty.6
  • Modifies plaque and creates a channel facilitating delivery of therapeutic devices.
  • Delivers over any wire already across a CTO, unlike other atherectomy devices.

*Total occlusions traversable by a guide wire.


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