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Left main disease

Significant left main CAD (greater than 50%) is found in 3-4% of all patients who undergo coronary angiography.1

Left main disease masthead

Clinical challenges

  • Left main angiography is highly uncertain2 and can underestimate lesion severity.3
  • Potential dire consequences of stent thrombosis or restenosis.4
  • Left main disease is associated with multi-vessel CAD about 70% of the time.5,6

70% reduction in all-cause mortality out to 3 yrs57

LMD graph

Advanced tools for optimal PCI outcomes

IVUS software image

  • Assists in identifying the plaque distribution, vessel size and help avoid geographic miss of therapy delivery with IVUS Co-registration.
  • Provides better patient outcomes as an IVUS-guided strategy is associated with 70% reduction in all-cause mortality out to 3 years.7

Angio Sculpt Evo RX PTCA scoring balloon catheter

  • Provides the power necessary to maximize lume diameter.
  • Delivers 15-25x’s the focal force of a traditional balloon.8,9,10

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